Saturday 20 January 2018

Alzheimer Day Care clients enjoy the show as 'Circus!' comes to town

The interactive play 'Circus!' being performed at the Alzheimer Day Care Centre.
The interactive play 'Circus!' being performed at the Alzheimer Day Care Centre.

THE CLIENTS at the Alzhemiers Daycare Centre in Drogheda had a real treat recently, as an interactive play, especially designed for people with cognitive impairment, was staged in the Laurence Street premises.

Around ten of the regular clients not only enjoyed but took part in the one-hour production of 'Circus!' which was staged by Carnation Theatre with professional actors Mairead Devlin (RTE's The Savage Eye) and Mary O'Driscoll (Abbey Theatre).

The circus theme to this show seemed to be extremely popular amongst the Drogheda clients and explores what happens when a troupe of exotic travelling performers descend on a town. As with all Carnation plays, interaction is a key part of the experience. Audience members played both circus and towns folk.

'I am embarking on a program of introducing the arts to our client group, so hope this is the first of many such events,' said Ciaran.

'I feel it important that, in addition to taking care of their safety and personal needs, we support their intellectual needs and bring quality entertainment to our centre.

'Our clients have given a lifetime of service to their families and our community and I want to give something back, so that their time at Laurence gate Alzheimers Day Care Centre is a time to be loved.'

If there are any performing groups in Drogheda which would like help this become a reality, Ciaran has urged them to feel free to contact the centre.

' We have no budget but make a great cup of tea,' he said with a smile.

'I can be contacted at the centre on ( 041) 9841311.'

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