Monday 24 June 2019

Almost half the homes in estate had no wheelie bin

Survey found that 140 out of 301 homes didn't have waste collector

Hubert Murphy

Louth County Council are considering their options after a recent survey indicated that a huge number of homes don't have an organised waste collection service.

After issuing 372 litter fines in the past year, they carried out a survey in one estate of 301 homes.

On collection days, they counted the number of bins being left out and found that 160 houses were using a service and 140 were not.

Raising the issue at the Joint Policing Committee meeting in the d Hotel last week, Director of Housing, Joe McGuinness, added that 'this waste is going somewhere' and they would have to 'tackle that'.

Cllr Joanna Byrne said that new legislation was being introduced that meant all council tenants had to prove they were using a waste collection service, but could something be done before that to stop the level of dumping.

Cllr Pio Smith said that he had seen evidence of a person from Pearse Park, with a hood up, dumping bags of rubbish on Crushrod Avenue.

'There is a huge amount of fly tipping going on,' he added.

Drogheda Independent