Friday 18 January 2019

All Louth boxes returned Yes vote

Margaret Roddy

Every polling box in Louth returned a majority of votes in favour of repealing the Eighth Amendment in the recent historic referendum which removed the ban on abortion.

The final tallies showed that all 179 boxes returned an overall Yes vote, with 66.5 per cent of voters voting Yes and 33.5 per cent voting No.

The turnout for the referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment at 65.89% was higher than for the marriage equality referendum in 2015. More people voted turned out to vote this time than in the 1983 when the 8th amendment was introduced giving the unborn baby equal rights to the pregnant mother which saw 55% of the electorate voting.

However, while the vote in favour of repeal was higher in Louth than for marriage equality, it was slightly less than for the introduction of the 8th amendment 35 years ago.

In the Drogheda area, the biggest turnout was for a box in Naomh Martin GFC at 78.44%, while a box in St Mary's Parish NS, Byranstown recorded a 75% turnout. The lowest turn-outs in Drogheda were in St John's NS, Marley's Lane, at 44.31% and St Mary's Old Hill at 45.74%.

Turnout was highest in urban areas, with huge turnouts of 85.28% and 82.55% recorded in two boxes in the St Alphonsus Road polling station, while a box in the polling station Blackrock NS, Sandy Lane saw an impressive turnout of 79.53%

There was a stark contrast between the high 78.68% turnout for a box in the Redeemer Girls School, Ard Easmuinn, while the lowest turnout in the county was a box in the Redeemer Resource Centre, Cox's Desmense at 35.53%.

All boxes in Louth returned a majority in favour of repealing the Eighth amendment, with the strongest Yes vote in Blackrock while the closest tally was in the Redeember area where the boes returned 54.1% Yes and 51.2% No.

There were a other areas where only a handful of votes separated the Yes from the No votes.

The closest vote was recorded in a box in St Bridget's Dowdallshill FC, where there were just two votes in the difference with 173 voting in favour of repeal and 171 voting against.

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