Wednesday 21 March 2018

Alice off to school

Fiona Magennis

Last Thursday was a momentous day in the Turner household.

Little Alice Turner (5) started school for the first time and while the first day at school is a big occasion in any household, for the Turners it was extra special as just three years ago Alice was fighting high risk neuroblastoma, a very rare and aggressive form of childhood cancer.

She has been in remission for the past two years and was given the all clear with her check ups and scans back in April after undergoing immunotherapy in America.

Her Mum Lyndsey said: 'So proud of our superstar and so blessed. Three years ago she was mid treatment and so ill and we dreamed of days like these. Lyndsey, husband Paul and Alice's little sister Kate were all there cheering her on as she started her very first day in 'big school'.

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