Friday 17 November 2017

Aldi appeals decision on store refusal

Hubert Murphy

ALDI is appealing the decision by Louth County Council to deny them permission to open a new store at Glebe, Ardee, close to the Carrick roundabout.

The German retailer lodged its appeal last week to An Bord Pleanala.

The company had sought to build a store on the Tallanstown road with 90 car parking spaces.

In turning down their application, the council said that due to the 'out of town' nature of the bid, it would have an 'adverse effect on the viability and vitality of the town centre of Ardee and existing permitted retail developments within the town' and would be contrary to the Local Area Plan 2010-2016.

They said that under the zoning of the lands, 'the provision of retail, both convenience and comparison, is not permitted.'

The development would also act as a 'traffic hazard' while there were issues with the capacity of the Ardee Waste Water Treatment System.

There were also a number of objections, including one from Tesco who, although admitting 'that there is a requirement for additional convenience retailing in Ardee' felt that an 'out of town' development would not be appropriate.

Aldi claim that their application 'justified the location for the development and the need for such additional retail provision'. They feel it would have 'no material impact vitality and viability of Ardee town centre.'

They say it will indeed bring trade to Ardee that is lost to discount foodstores and supermarkets in Dundalk, Drogheda and Monaghan. 'It will provide significant spin off benefits to other shops in Ardee as a result.'

They said they acknowledge that the site is 'out of centre' but the circumstances are 'exceptional' and all other potential options were considered in detail.

Seven sites were looked at, including the former Wogan Interiors building, Martins shop in Market Street and Ardee Bakery.

But due to the size of the sites and in an effort to keep the traditional layout and streetscape, they were not suitable.

They feel the development 'supports competitiveness and choice in the retail order of Ardee'.

The Retail Strategy for the county 'prohibits the development of discount foodstores 300m outside the core retail area of Ardee.'

Their response is clear.

'This policy is anti competitive and is bias against discount foodstores as opposed to other competing convenience formats.'

Drogheda Independent

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