Tuesday 20 March 2018

Albion gearing up for fifth cup final in a row

ALBION ROVERS deserve a big mention this week.

ALBION ROVERS deserve a big mention this week.

This Saturday they take on Donacarney in the under 14 cup final at United Park and it will be their fifth cup final appearance in a row.

They recently won the Drogheda League, their third success in those five years too.

I was chatting to the 'Alex Ferguson' behind the team last week, Geoff McQuillan, who summed up the success story simply 'we have been blessed with great players'.

With Derek Tester, they have seen the side grow from under 8 shield winners to their present level, but next year will bring more challenges.

They must decide where they go as Dublin or the Dundalk League beckons.

'We want the lads to get in at a good level and see where it takes them,' Geoff explained.

He has also seen aspirations change. 'As little boys they wanted to play for Liverpool and Arsenal and now they'd love the chance to line out for Drogheda United and make a career in the League of Ireland,' he said.

Some have moved on, Eoin Callaghan joining Shelbourne, and with the talent to travel further afield perhaps.

Ten of the lads have also been part of the Kennedy Cup ETP squad, gaining valuable experience at a high level.

Geoff, a former Albion player, is full of praise for the people who run the club.

'The facilities are a credit to them,' he added.

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