Friday 24 May 2019

Advice on Brexit and its implications

A new series of 'Brexit advisory clinics' being held to support Irish companies will take place in Dundalk next month.

The new 'Prepare to Export Scorecard' has been developed by Enterprise Ireland to help Irish entrepreneurs and business owners with global ambition to self-assess how prepared they are to start exporting.

The interactive online facility is a free, easy-to-use tool which acts as a starting point for companies interested in exporting and reaching overseas markets.

Aidan McKenna, Regional Director -Border Region, Enterprise Ireland explained: 'Enterprise Ireland is committed to supporting new and emerging exporters across the country to expand their global reach. With the prospect of Brexit and the associated challenges and opportunities, our team in Dundalk is working to help existing companies in Louth to start exporting and to achieve their global ambition.'

He added: 'I encourage companies, unsure about how to take the first step to exporting, to use our new Prepare to Export Scorecard as a practical starting point when assessing their export preparedness for expansion into new overseas markets.'

Enterprise Ireland has also launched its series of nationwide Brexit Advisory Clinics advising Irish companies on the supports available to help them address their Brexit exposure.

The clinics, which include one-to-one meetings with independent experts, will continue in the Crowne Plaza, Dundalk on Monday 22nd October when companies will be briefed on the broad implications of Brexit, specifically around customs, strategic sourcing, financial management, employment law and the movement of people.

Along with a series of practical seminars, the clinic provides the opportunity to get personalised advice specific to your business. This is delivered through one to one meetings of 40 minutes with independent experts across a number of business areas.

Find out more about the Brexit advisory clinics at

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