Wednesday 21 March 2018

A hole-y joke

Local residents on the Fieldstown Road with Cllr. Tommy Byrne.
Local residents on the Fieldstown Road with Cllr. Tommy Byrne.

Hubert Murphy

A MONSTER pothole close to where a future saint celebrated mass is proving a holy joke for local motorists.

With a number of burst tyres already to its credit, the hole, on the Fieldstown Road, not far from the site of Pope John Paul II's 1979 visit, has now become notorious.

And for Paddy Briscoe it was an expensive journey to the recent Louth v Meath Leinster minor clash.

'I had forgotten about it and it was dark and wet when I hit it,' he said. He thought he had gotten away with it, when the tyre gave up on him near the Monasterboice roundabout.

He contacted the council in relation to it and was told they didn't take responsibility for incidents as a result of 'wear and tear' on the roads.

But the lack of maintenance all round is something impacting greatly on rural roads.

'Even the ditches are growing it, making the roads narrow and with the likes of these potholes people are moving onto the wrong side of the road,' he warned.

Indeed, walking has been pretty much ruled out for many as it's too dangerous.

'The council are aware of the issue with the pothole and we just hope it will be fixed,' Paddy added.

Local councillor Tommy Byrne is also asking the council for help.

'I immediately contacted Louth County Council for urgent action on the potholes.

'Since this incident more burst tyres have been reported to me as a result of this one. The lack of repairs and maintenance on many of our rural roads is unacceptable to me particularly in light of the recently introduced property tax,' said Cllr. Byrne.

In a letter to Brian Braniff, the Area Engineer, he wrote 'hopefully these road repairs can be carried out as a matter of urgency in the interest of public safety.

'I would be most grateful if you could also carry out an inspection at the short stretch of road at the cottages, Tenure Village, which is in extremely poor condition. The condition of the lane fondly known as "Madman's lane" past the nursing home in Termonfeckin is also in terrible condition.

Cllr Paul Bell has also visited the area and expressed his concerns to the council too.

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