Thursday 17 October 2019

349 submissions in relation to plans for Bettystown beach

The new Beach Management Plan for Bettystown has attracted huge debate with 349 submissions received, mainly in relation to keeping dogs on leads and restricting horses to certain areas of the beach.

A number of the council recommendations are based on statutory measures in relation to protecting nature and the environment as a whole.

The process closed on August 30 and the council said that a leaflet that had been sent around to homes had been 'inaccurate' and caused a lot of confusion and had indicated a 'doomsday scenario' for the beach.

'The majority of submissions were against recommendations to keep dogs on the lead and plans for the regulation of horses.

'But others included anti-social behaviour, enforcement and car parking.

'There were 68 suggestions and some have merit and we'll be looking at them,' the council informed councillors at the Laytown/Bettystown meeting.

They intend to come back in November with further details.

In relation to the proposal for a new design for the front of the beach area, it is hoped to have a 3D design available shortly.

'The design is progressing well,' the council added.

It is hoped to send the new building to tender by April 2020, start work in August-Sept 2020 and complete it by August 2021.

The entrance currently features two abandoned homes. The new building will include an area for lifeguards.

Drogheda Independent