Saturday 17 November 2018

2018 will be a big year for local women in politics

Fine Gael is celebrating the 100th anniversary of women getting the vote in Ireland with a year-long programme of events and activities to highlight the contribution women have made to Irish public life.

"At the end of this year-long programme, I hope that by highlighting and celebrating the positive contributions made by women in politics over the past 100 years, that more young women will see the positive reasons to engage in politics and become involved.

"I want more women to look at politics as an attractive and accessible path in life. I certainly have never regretted for a moment my decision to run for election,' Councillor Sharon Tolan stated.

Fine Gael's programme for 2018 has three main aims; to highlight the work of women in the party; to recognise the contribution women make to the success of the party; and to engage women in setting the vision of gender equality for the future.

Throughout the year, Fine Gael will be running a number of regional seminars inviting local women's groups to contribute to Fine Gael's vision and plans for the future of the country.

Drogheda Independent