Wednesday 24 January 2018

1,000 new homes proposed for Ballymakenny

New housing application lodged with Louth County Council

Ballymakenny Road, Twenties, Yellowbatter and Moneymore are earmarked for 1,000 houses
Ballymakenny Road, Twenties, Yellowbatter and Moneymore are earmarked for 1,000 houses

Hubert Murphy

A plan to develop over 1,000 new homes on the Ballymakenny Road, Twenties, Yellowbatter and Moneymore is to be lodged with Louth County Council - almost 10 years after the original permission was granted.

The North Drogheda Development Partnership have posted up site notices in the area, stating that they intend to apply for development at the locations.

As part of the conditions, they must lodge €2.6m with the council as a deposit before the development commences.

They state that the original number of 1,056 houses remains, but amended conditions include changes to designs, including building 344 three bed semi-detached houses plus over 200 three bed duplexes.

One of the conditions when the permission was granted in 2008 was that the Northern Port Access Route be built, allowing access to the development from the motorway area, as well as the port.

But that plan has since stalled.

However, the developers are asking that the conditions be amended relating to the access route, with 'revised phasing requirements' - with the possibility of a portion of the development being given permission, initially.

The development also features 4.9ha of open space, including a linear park and the provision of over 2,000 car parking spaces

The original permission allowed 283 houses to be built in phase 1, 316 in phase 2 and 457 in phase 3.

'No dwellings shall be occupied within Phase 2 lands until the PANCR (Port access route) has been constructed to the Termonfeckin Road,' the conditions report states.

The Linear Park must also be completed before 50% of the units in Phase 2 are finished.

Part of the application also made reference to a sports centre with all weather pitches, for 'GAA soccer and other major sports'.

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