Thursday 14 November 2019

Meath CC works to transform Rosevale roads and paths

Meath County Council are to undertake a series of improvements in Rosevale, having taken the estate in charge in October 2017.

The estate straddles the border between Meath and Louth and the council state that 25 properties are in their section.

They now propose, with Louth CC, to 'carry out remedial works within the development to bring it up to an acceptable standard.'

The repairs to be undertaken include footpath repairs, road and kerb repairs, gully cleaning, public lighting works, road surfacing and markings and house numbering signage.

They plan to overlay the road surface and that will be for Rosevale in Meath and Rosevale in Louth. Meath will foot the bill with Louth paying €6,912.50 in relation to the works taking in their area.

Design consultants are presently being appointed.

CCTV will be used to check sewers as part of the project.

Cllr Stephen McKee said the paths hadn't been resurfaced since the 1970s. He asked for LED lights.

'There is great frustration about these areas on the border,' he stated.

For Cllr Paddy Meade, co-operation between the two areas is crucial and Director of Services Fiona Lawless said that a meeting had taken place between the executives of Louth and Meath about works in such areas. A meeting is likely to be arranged between both sets of councillors.

Part of that is likely to be a Joint Area Plan. 'There is co-operation in areas of mutual interest,' she confirmed.

Cllr Sharon Tolan said there was no need to change the boundary for both councils to work together and the 'success of Drogheda is in everybody's interest.'

Paddy Meade a similiar arrangement should be made with Mid Louth. Cllr Sharon Keogan said working together was vital as 6,000 new homes could be approved in the area in the years ahead.

Drogheda Independent