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Mary's legacy of love continues

Collon mum Mary Fitzsimons was one of the greatest supporters of the Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre and her memory is continuing to raise funds for the centre.

Mary passed away last September, but her spirit remains strong around her home village.

Last weekend, 15 people took on a 'shave or dye' test for the centre in Collon hall.,

Organised By Ross Fitzsimons and Megan Walsh, the two decided to face the razor and go purple in loving memory of Ross's mother, Mary.

Mary was known in the Collon parish for being a mother to all and for being extremely welcoming to her friends and family, that everyone considered her home theirs too. Mary was a lover of organising events!

Mary had always helped aid the Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre; a charity close to her heart. She had organised fundraisers such as a nautical night, a pink night and last march, she held an Oscars night. Over the past five years she held five events and has raised more than €25,000 for the charity.

Ross and Megan plan to keep the memory of Mary strong by continuing the organisation of events. They both have decided to take part in this years' shave or dye, as well as 13 other close friends. Many of them went under the razor while others paid for the boxed bottle.

There was tea, coffee and sandwiches at the event as well as Mary's photograph collection. Megan said 'She loved to live life and capture her moments, I thought It would be a nice touch to bring her photo albums so that everyone who knew Mary would come. We're here to celebrate her and to bring all who loved her and her events together to fundraise for her favourite charity, like she would've done'.

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