Saturday 7 December 2019

Louth council budget agreed

Louth County Council's budget for the coming year was given the thumbs up by councillors at what proved to be a relatively uncontentious budget meeting.

Mindful of last year's mammoth process which only saw the budget passed at eleventh hour after a serious of acrimonious meetings, councillors were anxious that this year's budget would not be a protracted affair.

This year's budget makes provision for expenditure of €117.3million including €31.1million on housing and buildings, €24.7m on road transport and safety, and €17.9milion on environmental services.

In her introduction, Chief Executive Ms Joan Martin said that she'd had to draw up the budget following the decision by councillors not to increase the Property Tax Rate, which meant that, apart from any additional grants, it would not be substantially different from the previous budget for 2019.

The weakness of that budget was that it didn't have enough funds to meet the demands for housing maintenance and reinstatement of voids. They were lucky that they received extra funding by way of an unexpected dividend from the Irish Public Bodies, but 'no such dividend will be paid in 2020,' she warned.

However, she said it was apparent that they would get an overall boost in income from commercial rates.

Drogheda Independent