Thursday 19 September 2019

Well done to the council on getting the Trinity Street potholes filled in

The Diary

Hubert Murphy

A couple of things I noticed and must make mention of.

The road from Trinity Street to Mell was in a terrible state with potholes and well done to the council on moving in and getting them filled.

The second shot is at the bus stop on George's Street.

There was a bus stop sign but it was struck some time ago and removed, but not replaced.

The big thing that is needed here is a bus timetable. For people that know the service, that's fine, but for strangers and visitors, it needs some simple information.

The third picture is of a building on Trinity Street. It has been served with a dangerous structure notice back in February - Frank Pentony on the ball there - and it would be great to see the work done and the path re-opened.

It is right on the turn onto the dual carriageway and is a real danger when people, especially in wheelchairs and with buggies, have to come off the path onto the road to get around it.

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