Tuesday 24 October 2017

Tragic accident

THERE have been safety measures put in place on Scarlet Street and they are to be welcomed, but it seems the street has always been a place of tragedy from time to time.

Some of the old stories are truly heartrendering.

In 1943, a fire engine left the station and went to the scene of a fire in Mary Street. They duly took care of the situation and headed back to base.

As they arrived, Michael Moore (7) rushed out to see the engine, but tragically, was struck.

The driver of the tender, even more tragically, was the boy's father. He lifted him up and ran to the nearby Cottage Hospital, but sadly the boy died.

Seven years earlier, Philomena Moore (4) from Nun's Walk, daughter of unemployed exsoldier Peter Moore, was knocked down and died outside the Cottage Hospital. A year earlier her brother (6) was also struck and killed, 100 yards from the spot.