Wednesday 21 February 2018

Thanks for the safe return of Scruffy in time for Christmas!

Dear Sir,

Recently, my cat Scruffy went missing for eight days. I looked everywhere and I couldn't find her. She is 15 years old – an elderly lady a bit like Maggie Thatcher.

I was very sad, I missed her. I couldn't tell my sisters because they are away. I was worried that she was alone. Who would feed her? She could get cold at night?

When I am having my dinner there is a knock on the door. Two ladies from DAR (Drogheda Animal Rescue) came to see did we lose a cat. The homeless aid called them to tell them they found a cat at the back of their house. DAR took the cat to their place and took good care of her for nearly a week. Luckily they came to the right house. Me and my mum went straight down to DAR and brought her home. She is recovering at the moment. I think she had a hard time before they found her.

I would like to thank the Homeless Aid and the DAR ladies for the safe return of SCRUFFY.


Conor O'Dowd,

Chord Road,


Drogheda Independent

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