Thursday 20 September 2018

Tara Brooch revelations!

Brendan Matthews, the community historian in Drogheda, certainly threw a cat amongst the pigeons at the weekly 'Walk and Talk' event on the Marsh Road last week.

He brought up the subject of the Tara Brooch and the story behind it.

For years, it was claimed that the brooch was found by a woman on the beach in Bettystown. It was sold to a local dealer in such items and was then sold on to a firm in Dublin.

But Brendan says there is no written evidence to suggest the brooch was found on the beach and indeed, might have originated from a premises in Drogheda, after being discovered more locally.

'Saying it was found on a beach means there wasn't an issue with ownership,' he says.

He explained that similar brooches were found in Drogheda and there was even a 16lb bag of Viking coins from York when the railway line was being put down close to Calvary Cemetery.

Talk like this give a real insight into history on your doorstep and well done to the Old Drogheda Society for the initiative.

This Wednesday, at 7.30pm, West Street is the centre of attention when Liam Reilly leads the tour.

Knowing Liam, expect a few witty comments about some great characters!

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