Monday 19 November 2018

Tales of Drogheda from Patrington to London...

The Diary

Hubert Murphy

Nice to report another 'international' link to the page this week - coming all the way from Patrington in Hull in East Yorkshire.

Drogheda native Edward Mullen lives there and he forwarded some pieces that were sent to his sister, Noreen, from the O'Byrne family.

Noreen lived on Stoney Lane, part of Bredin St, and she was friendly with the O'Byrne clan. They were made up of Cathal, Mary, Paddy, Kitty and Brendan and lived at 5 Greenhills. Their great grandfather, Patrick, was a scaffolder and he came to Drogheda to work on the Boyne Viaduct.

Brendan went to live in Odsal in Bradford, not far from the Low Moor Ironworks where the lattice girders for the bridge were produced.

Paddy would end up in Waterlooville in Hampshire while Cathal lived in London, Lanark Road to Paddington. He was a tremendous poet and Edward sent me some of his work.

Much of his work was about Drogheda - Christmas Bells including, 'Soft on the silent air, over the sighing sea, sweet comes the song of the church bells again to me, holy as angels song, stirring the memory, bells of old Drogheda and home...

Whiskey galore!

The Slane Irish Whiskey Cocktail & Food Pairing Festival runs from Friday 24th August 2018 from 12 - 8pm at Slane Distillery.

Enjoy a range of Slane Distillery's signature cocktails featuring craft drinks from producers throughout the Boyne Valley. A mixologist will be serving Slane Irish Whiskey cocktails using locally grown ingredients. Artisan BBQ, local food pairings and live music will be set in the stunning new distillery, which can be toured on the day.

Distillery tour package must be booked and purchased in advance. Free access to bar and gift shop, no registration required.

I paid a visit to the Slane beauty spot recently and it is a great experience.

Nicola's talk

AS part of heritage week, Nicola Cassidy will present a special event in Drogheda Library.

She takes a look at news stories from Drogheda and surrounds from the early 19th century to modern day and says how they can be great sources for creative writing.

Contact the library at 0419876162 for details.

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