Saturday 25 May 2019

Sean 'The Voice' Tester and his crew combine in online footage

The Diary

Hubert Murphy

What a combination - Sean 'The Voice' Tester, Edward 'Golden Fingers' Holly and Ben 'The Camera' Corcoran.

The trio recently produced a series of You Tube videos, filmed in St Peter's, featuring the voice of Sean, with Edward accompanying him and all expertly caught on camera by Ben.

Sean again did all the top numbers justice, from Nessun Dorma to Ave Maria.

Bridge club delight

Well done to the people in the ABCD Bridge Club at the Fair Green for having the foresight and courage to develop a new centre.

I went along to the opening on Saturday and it is a wonderful building.

Big evening for Fr Joe

People around St Mary's parish should not forget that there's a big night for Fr Joe Campbell at the City North Hotel on Thursday November 8th.

Fr Joe did great work in the area while based in Drogheda over the past number of years. Ticket details from the Parish Office and McCabe's shop.

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