Wednesday 13 December 2017

Sean stood tall

YOUNG people these days can play anything from GAA to soccer, rugby to cricket, golf to hurling and cycling, but there was a day when you had to look over your shoulder.

The imfamous 'Ban' meant you couldn't play a 'foreign sport' if you played GAA. Pure and simply.

In a report from 1944, I got a new insight into a great legend of the GAA world in Drogheda, the late Sean Murray.

He was a Plunketts man and at the Louth GAA Convention stood up and called for a complete lifting of the ban. He spoke in Irish, fiercely. He said there was a belief that if you played Gaelic football or hurling you were automatically a good Irishman.

' They forgot that there were just as good Irishmen playing rugby and soccer, and many of them had given their lives in the independence movement.'

He felt all the GAA needed was to encourage young men into the movement and they were would be no need for a ban.

Rev Bro Robert from Ardee St Mary's opposed the motion, feeling people knew the rules of the Association.

He they didn't want to obey them, they should leave.

The Plunketts were defeated.

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