Monday 16 September 2019

Recycled work of art goes on display at Tholsel this month

“The Sounds of Drogheda”, a beautiful piece of artwork which was commissioned as part of the Green Fleadh 2018 programme is currently on display at the Tholsel in West Street. This interesting piece of will be on display during the month of August.

Local artists Declan Kelly and Els Borghart were invited by the Green Fleadh Committee to develop a piece of art made entirely from recycled materials which depicts an image of Drogheda. Following visits to V&W Recycling, Indaver and St. Vincent De Paul to discover what interesting materials they could find to produce an appropriate piece of art, they decided to make a large three part mosaic. They spent a number of weeks gathering and searching for colourful and interesting materials to work with, while developing the design for the mosaic. Materials used include some discarded musical instruments such as two discarded pianos whose keys are prominent in the artwork.

The majority of the project took place in Millmount during Fleadh 2018 where the public were invited to inspect the progress of the project and chat to the artists. The mosaic was completed on the last day of the festival and took ten full days to make. After letting it settle, the artwork was covered with a resin poor, to protect it and to give the work a long lasting life.

The mosaic was developed around the theme of music as a celebration of the Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann coming to the historic town of Drogheda. It tells a story of bringing art and culture to the town. The influence of art and culture reaches much further than its initial inception and very quickly enters the realm of film, TV, video, design etc. What would the world look like without those creative influences?

Each of the three panels has interlinked stories. On the first panel you can see the artist, the musician and the actor on their way to Drogheda, symbolising art and culture coming to the town. The herald, on the second panel, is announcing their arrival. The third panel shows the historic town of Drogheda including its typical architecture e.g. St. Laurence’s Gate and Millmount. The three panels are connected by the River Boyne and the yellow brick road made from real piano keys. Symbols of air, water and land are also included on each panel.

The artists, Els and Declan, are very concerned with how waste impacts our world and it’s affect on the environment.

Drogheda Independent