Monday 21 January 2019

North Strand parking issues not easy

The Diary

Hubert Murphy

There were a lot of improvements made around town in advance of the Fleadh and one of those projects was carried out on the North Strand.

I went for a walk of the area recently and indeed the planter boxes are a big improvement on the boulders!

An issue that has arisen on the stretch are the lack of parking spaces with an area of all day parking now replaced with a double yellow line.

There are certainly two sides to this story.

For residents, it is hard as a lot of cars are now forced to park on the footpath outside homes.

Some might argue there are garages there but having met with residents in the past, it is very difficult to get into the garages due to the volume of traffic passing by.

One of the main problems with all day parking was the risk of damage to cars and I know the odd wing mirror disappeared as lorries whizzed past going to the port.

It also left the road very narrow for vehicles to pass.

Not sure how more parking is going to be secured here.

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