Monday 15 October 2018

New Moorehall service launched for adults with disabilities

The My Life team and residents at the launch of the new service in one of the My Life houses in Ardee this week
The My Life team and residents at the launch of the new service in one of the My Life houses in Ardee this week

A new service aimed at supporting people with disabilities to live their lives their way, has been launched this week by the award-winning Moorehall Living Group.

My Life will provide dedicated care for adults with intellectual and physical disabilities in various individual community houses in Louth, Meath and North Dublin.

The new service has just unveiled three new houses in Ardee which provide respite and long-term care for people who require enhanced supports in community facilities.

'At My Life, we help to give adults with disabilities the rights, choices and freedom to live an enjoyable, independent and inclusive life,' said Director of Services Barbara Murphy. 'This is achieved through promoting inclusion into local community living and facilitating independence.

'We provide direct support to enable adults to live independent and fulfilled lives, supporting each person's access and maintaining meaningful employment opportunities.

'Our dedicated team ensures that the person's needs are always at the centre of everything we do, and that our houses are the residents' homes.'

Moorehall Living CEO Sean McCoy outlined the difference that the group's award-winning ethos brings to people who will avail of the service.

'At My Life, we are dedicated to helping residents to live their lives - their way. We celebrate who you are and help you to use all your talents,' said Sean.

'We recognise disabilities but we also see abilities and want to promote, enable and empower our residents to live as independently as possible, safely with positive risk-taking opportunities.

'We will recognise and provide supports that residents require with sensitivity, compassion and with the highest quality delivery of care.'

My Life is based on Moorehall Living's household model of care, which has won so many plaudits on the national stage.

'Each house has its own team which ensures consistency and continuity of care, and the resident is at the heart of everything we do,' said Barbara.

'We believe that we are all entitled to choose how we live our lives - when we wake up in the morning, what we eat at each meal, and how we spend our days.

'At My Life, we strive to achieve this through our person-centred approach. My Life is about my surroundings, my family, my community, my team, my rights and my goals.

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