Thursday 26 April 2018

Monster potholes causing havoc for motorists

MONSTER potholes at the junction of the North Quay and St. Mary's Bridge are causing havoc for motorists.

Cllr. Frank Maher has asked Drogheda Borough Council to take urgent action to repair them after he had received numerous complaints about the two deep pot-holes that are dangerous and could damage vehicles.

'They are in a dangerous location and a lot of unsuspecting motorists have driven into them. I am concerned about the overall state of the road at North Quay. It is in a bad way and in need of upgrading. Work also needs to be done on the pedestrian crossing at Scotch Hall,' said Cllr. Maher.

'There needs to be a co-ordinated response to dealing with potholes throughout the town following the recent bad weather. It is really bad on Duleek Street and Platin Road. Both of these roads carry a high volume of traffic particularly HGV's. The roads are broken up in places and are in need of repair.'

Drogheda Independent