Friday 23 February 2018

Mayor makes call for safety measures at Waterunder roundabout

Mayor of Drogheda Councillor Oliver Tully has called for extra road safety measures to be put in place at the Waterunder Roundabout, Mell, Drogheda, beside Woodies.

At the May monthly meeting of the Drogheda Borough District the Mayor highlighted the dangers posed to pedestrians and motorists at this notoriously dangerous roundabout.

Mayor Tully stated that, 'Pedestrians either walking, jogging, cycling or pushing  children's buggies, were putting their lives at risk every time they used this roundabout. People were forced to use the very busy roundabout road and compete with the dangers of being struck by the volumes of fast moving traffic.'

He also stated that, 'The alternative for people negotiating the roundabout was to walk the muddy banks on the verges of the roundabout and jump the fencing obstacles that define the perimeter of the roundabout'. Louth County Council has agreed with Mayor Tully's proposal to apply for funding to increase safety at the roundabout.

The Mayor's proposal is calling for anti skid pads and rumble strips on the N51 approach roads to the roundabout and larger warning signs prior to the roundabout on the N51 as a minimum.  The Mayor is also calling for the completion of the pedestrian footpaths on the outer circumferences of the road on the Waterunder Roundabout.

Drogheda Independent

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