Monday 20 May 2019

Marsh Road and St Mary's Bridge lights system are a real nightmare

The Diary

Hubert Murphy

An excellent point that came my way from local man Alan Floyd recently. He works on the Marsh Road and comes across the crazy situation with the lights at South Quay and St Mary's Bridge each day.

'The lights have a mind of their own they are always set at different times . Shop street lights are green while Bull Ring lights are red, so by the time the Shop Street lights go red, the traffic has blocked the road for traffic exiting Marsh Road . I have seen at least 3 light changes before traffic can leave the Marsh Road,' he states.

He suggests that the lights should stay green until vehicles can move fully off the bridge onto the dual carriageway.

There is clearly a big issue here and needs to be tackled once and for all.

Drogheda Independent