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Local man meets with Swiss Ambassador


Jeff Rudd meeting the Swiss Ambassador Beat Loeliger.

Jeff Rudd meeting the Swiss Ambassador Beat Loeliger.

Jeff Rudd meeting the Swiss Ambassador Beat Loeliger.


DROGHEDA RESIDENT and Louth Chairman of Direct Democracy Ireland, Jeff Rudd, held a meeting last week with Swiss Ambassador Beat Loeliger to discuss how Ireland was open to the democratic process called 'Direct Democracy'.

During this lengthy two-and-a-half hour meeting of deep discussion, time was taken to present to the Ambassador a small replica of the Monasterboice Cross on behalf of Direct Democracy Ireland and the Louth people.

'We covered many areas of how the Direct Democracy system operates in Switzerland for over a 100 years and how it could be seen to give the people there a more direct powerful say in the running of their country and their ability to evoke change by a legal process that everyone as a citizen could equally use,' Jeff told the Drogheda Independent.

'Direct Democracy Ireland hopes to re-introduce a similar process which had once been in the Irish constitution but quietly taken away.

'A process that will hopefully then aid Ireland on its road to recovery and fulfil an Irish people's wish to have more accountability, transparency and ability while holding their elected representatives more full-time answerable to the people that have elected them to positions of responsibility.'

The meeting continued over a beautiful salmon lunch provided by the great staff of the Swiss Embassy, into the afternoon where further in depth insights were provided to Mr Rudd and the Irish Direct Democracy Ireland organisation as to how a similar Direct Democracy process operates very successfully in Switzerland.