Friday 24 November 2017

Gerry has piece of historical treasure safely tucked away

The plaque to O’Carroll and Tierney that was never erected.
The plaque to O’Carroll and Tierney that was never erected.

THERE is a great historian out Ballapousta way called Gerry Caraher and he has a great piece of 'treasure' safely tucked away.

It might not be worth a fortune in terms of money, but historically, it's a gem.

John Rafferty from the Ardee Historical Society was out with Gerry recently as part of the Louth Fieldnames Project when he came across a bronze plaque.

It reads: 'In proud and loving memory of Sean O'Carroll and Patrick Tierney, Irish Republican soldiers, who were shot dead by British forces in Ardee on November 30th 1920. This tribute to their memory placed here by Sean OCarroll's pupils of Ballpousta Gaelic League branch'.

The thing is, the plaque was never erected for some reason and it was given to the Caraher family for safe keeping.

John showed images of the plaque to members of the Co Louth Archaeological Society at a recent meeting and they were intrigued by it.

So, will the plaque to the two famed sons of Ardee ever be erected?

Drogheda Independent

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