Sunday 21 April 2019

GAA community never ceases to be friends to the end

The death of former chairman and Hon President of Lannleire GFC, Tommy Farrelly, shocked the wider Dunleer community and indeed the ripples were felt far and wide.

His funeral mass last Wednesday was a true example of how the GAA family sticks together when one of the clan falls.

Indeed, as hundreds upon hundreds arrived at the home of his son at Woodlands, Dunleer, on Tuesday to pay their respects, club members and friends directed traffic outside for hours and hours.

Many more walked with their former chairman on Wednesday too and fittingly the blue and white was draped over his coffin throughout.

The role of the club and the people behind it - especially when the community needs a bit of help at tough times - was mentioned at his funeral mass and that too was so fitting.

Fr Michael Murtagh PP is always a great man for some appropriate words and he delivered again as the community said farewell.

Tommy was a proud Meath native, from Oldcastle, but took Dunleer to his heart.

He remarked that St Brigid once said that Dunleer was a place of wonder and she was right.

'We had a Meath man in the heart of Co Louth and he was taken into the hearts of so many people here. It was a wonder or a miracle of sorts, but only he could pull it off,' he stated.

Tommy, who worked in the security business all over the area for many years, was a man who set high standards for himself, Fr Murtagh stated.

'He has left a legacy beyond any price,' he remarked.

So true.

Drogheda Independent