Friday 24 May 2019

Donacarney boys on the run!

The boys' school in Donacarney, Mornington have signed up for the Daily Mile Movement. This is a fantastic initiative aimed at encouraging everyone to run or jog at their own pace during the school day.

The Daily Mile is not Sport or PE but rather a health and wellbeing programme through physical activity.

Mrs Éimile Byrne has led the Daily Mile Movement in Réalt na Mara Boys school and has an eager team of volunteers to hand who lay out the track with cones every day.

"Parents and teachers alike are thrilled with the initiative as it is non competitive and yet recognizes the need for us all to be fit and active" commented Mrs Byrne.

The boys' school have an excellent reputation for competitive and non-competitive sports. The Daily Mile initiative fits in well with the school`s commitment to encouraging their pupils to develop fit and healthy habits for life. imp

Drogheda Independent