Thursday 18 October 2018

Disability workshop in Westcourt Hotel

Hubert Murphy

A Disability Workshop will take place on Saturday 11th November at the Westcourt Hotel from 11am-1pm with the purpose to provide a space for people with disabilities to gather and talk about living with a disability in Louth, discuss barriers that exist, and give their opinion on solutions.

The Disability Federation of Ireland (Aoife Delaney - facilitator), Mick Keegan and Gerry Kerr (disability activists and Labour Disability) and Mayor Pio Smith will attend.

People with disabilities living in Louth and family members or advocates of people with disabilities are invited to come along.

The aims of the event are to identify common issues for people with disabilities in Louth, discuss solutions to barriers and next steps and to identify people with disabilities who want to be a part of an access/advocacy group and actively work on disability issues in Louth.

They hope to raise awareness of disABILITY Louth and increase involvement of people with disabilities in this forum and to further develop and coordinate disability access groups in the area to establish a consultative relationship between people with disabilities in Louth and local public and private bodies, including Louth County Council.

The Fleadh Choil 2018 will also be discussed.

All welcome.

Drogheda Independent