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Daphne was a woman of great faith

Obituary: Daphne Mullins

Daphne Mullins
Daphne Mullins

Daphne Mullins, formerly of Mayfield, Drogheda, died on 27 October in her 85th year. Originally from Tamil Nadu, South India, Daphne and her late husband Jim - who passed away in 2014 - moved to Ireland in 2001. Jim and Daphne were a familiar sight on the streets of Drogheda as they walked to and from daily Mass at various churches in the town. They made many friends as they shared numerous stories of how their faith sustained them.

Back in India, Daphne and Jim had 5 children within four years, some of whom are living in Ireland - Lorna (Drogheda), Sandra (Navan) , twins James (Ardee) and Leonard (Australia), and Tom (India).

One of her favourites stories which she loved to share - and people loved to listen to - went back to the time when the children were all under five and the family's money had run out for the month and there was no food in the house. She begged Jim to take a loan or ask for an advance at work, saying 'what am I going to do, Jim? I've not even any milk to give the children in the morning.' He smiled and said 'don't worry Dear, God will provide. Go to sleep, it will all be fine'. Angry, she said, ' how can I sleep when the children will wake up and have nothing to eat?' He patted her gently and just said 'God will provide' Jim then fell asleep but Daphne lay awake, praying for an answer to her difficulty.

That night there was torrential rain in their rural location and at around 4 a.m. there was a loud banging on the front door. 'Who could be calling on such a bad night at this hour, she asked?

Jim went downstairs and answered the door. There was Derwin, Daphne's brother with a package he had been trying his best to keep dry. Their Mother had sent Derwin on a long journey, late into the night to bring the package containing a share for Daphne of some money she had received. Not a huge amount…..but, to Daphne, it was a fortune as her worry and anxiety about how she would feed the children lifted immediately. Jim said to her 'I told you God would provide'. After that, Daphne never doubted and her faith was remarkable.

Daphne and Jim were close friends of former and current Mayors, Malachy and Frank Godfey and they would regularly visit their late mother, Mary Kate at her home in Yellowbatter and Frank at Boyne Valley Cottage where Frank and Daphne shared one story after another.

Some years ago, before Jim's death, the couple moved to Navan but continued to regularly visit Drogheda. Their hearts really belonged in Drogheda, Daphne would often say. After Jim died, she would often come for a week's visit to the home in Mayfield of her eldest daughter Lorna, Lorna's husband David and their children Brandon and Georgia. Ironically, Daphne collapsed and died there, just as David was about to drive her back to her home in Navan.

However, to be buried with Jim at the family plot at St. Finian's Cemetery, Navan, Daphne's body reposed at Sandra's home in Navan and her funeral took place on 3 November. Her requiem Mass was celebrated by Fr. Robert McCabe and was watched online all over the world by friends and relatives who could not be present.

Daphne was so loved and is sadly missed by her daughters Lorna and Sandra, her three sons, James, Leonard, and Tom, her sons in law, daughters in law, grandchildren and great grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

Daphne's Month's Mind Mass was held on 25 November at St. Mary's Church, Navan. May she rest in peace.

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