Sunday 25 March 2018

Con celebrates 102nd birthday

102-year-old Con McLoughlin with his grandaughters Sarah and Rebecca.
102-year-old Con McLoughlin with his grandaughters Sarah and Rebecca.

Fiona Magennis

ONE of Drogheda's oldest residents, who underwent surgery for bowel cancer at the age of 99, says he is 'making the most of life and enjoying every minute' after celebrating his 102nd birthday!

Con McLoughlin, a retired schoolteacher from Shamrock Villas told the Drogheda Independent he is still fit, active and enjoying life two and a half years on from his operation.

Friends and family gathered to celebrate Con's landmark birthday on August 28 and the centerian quipped: 'They must have found it hard to find a birthday card for a 102-year-old but I got quite a few so they had obviously done their research!

'We had a great celebration to mark the occasion and there were a few empty bottles after it,' he laughed.

Con is very grateful to the surgeon who performed his lifesaving operation in March 2011 - and says he is delighted he lost the €10 bet he placed with the surgeon at the time.

His surgeon was so confident that Con would see his 100th birthday, despite needing major surgery for bowel cancer, that he placed a tongue-in-cheek bet with him. Con spent five months in hospital but was out in time to celebrate his 100th birthday at home and was happy to hand over the €10 to the man who saved his life.

'I have met him since I had the operation and I am very grateful to him. He did a very good job and I've been well since, thankfully. I'm still enjoying life and glad to be here.

'You only live once and you have to make the most out of life.'

Asked what his advice would be for anyone hoping to remain as fit and active into their second century, Con said: 'Live life to the full and everything in moderation. That's my motto.

'I'm very thankful for what I have; good family, good friends and good neighbours and what more does anyone want?'

And for Con, it seems, whiskey really is the water of life as he enjoys a small nip every day.

'I'm having a little glass of Bushmills here at the moment and I always have a small glass before dinner,' he revealed.

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