Thursday 24 October 2019

'Church Road residents will be delighted'

Around East Meath

A pathway is to be developed from the new Mayden Hayes estate in Mornington, the council have revealed.

Cllr Stephen McKee raised concerns about the state of the Church Road in Mornington and ongoing works there.

'There is a big issue with footpaths and about the safety of children going to school,' he stated.

He had been made aware of the issues by residents.

Addressing the area council meeting, engineer Christy Clarke confirmed that discussions had taken place with developers in the area.

He revealed that one project would see the first section of pathway taken on and a second would come when a second developer submits an application shortly.

'That's great news, the residents will be delighted,' Cllr McKee added.

He said that he also wanted the council to check that the planning conditions were being adhered to in relation to the roads being kept clean of muck and dirt during development.

Drogheda Independent