Sunday 20 January 2019

Bell welcomes line painting job on the Windmill Road

Councillor Paul Bell who has been campaigning Louth County Council to reinstate weather worn road markings throughout Drogheda has noted that areas on Donore Road, West Street and Windmill Road have finally started to receive attention.

"This campaign is important for road safety both for motorists and pedestrians alike. I have long argued that the road marking programme in our town was abandoned causing distress to businesses trying to protect loading bays for deliveries, set down areas at medical facilities and also issues generated by lack of marking in pay parking areas which is now subject to the pay parking bye law review". Said Bell

"It is also deeply concerning that many motorists are driving through junctions and through pedestrian crossings as the markings are completely wiped and not visible to motorists. I want to see the works completed and preferably before the Fleadh Cheol commences. I also want to see a determined annual maintenance programme put in place so that road markings are not allowed to deteriorate to such a poor standard in the future".

"It is also essential that all areas designated for pay parking and non parking areas be clearly marked as an integral element of reinstating pay parking bye laws in the coming weeks". Councillor Bell concluded.

Drogheda Independent