Wednesday 22 November 2017

Becky Moon

I'M hearing great things about a highly promising singer from Slane called Becky Moon.

Not only can she sing the songs, she writes them too and I know has been gigging around the area.

Well she certainly has a pop star's name anyway!


I WAS in the shop beside Potters on the quays – they sell everything from beds to microwaves – and spotted a great old picture of the Bull Ring that I hadn't seen before.

I saw showing it to a few younger folk and they couldn't believe the street prior to a dual carriageway being built through it!

I could see the edge of Macari's, but Tuite's was in full view and the Corner Bar, before Ollies. Kavanagh's was also there, around where the Boyne Tower is now.

Luciano, it would look great on the wall of the Pizzeria.


MANY thanks to those that got in touch in relation to the Thomas Markey image from Ballsgrove of the town.

The tower he painted originally was indeed part of the old Franciscan I'm told, before it was taken down.

Fergal's song

IF YOU get a chance, catch a great song by Fergal Flaherty. Now based in Spain, he has recorded 'Hey Son' and it's a magnificently written number. Expect to hear a lot more about it.


ONE to book into the diary now: the Ras na hEireann takes place on February 16.


I THINK the Boyne Framing van is brilliant. The premises is on the North Quay and the van features an image of the Mona Lisa.


WORK is progressing nicely on the new cinema at the Town Centre, but it has led to some scaffolding being erected on Stockwell Street.

So I am giving a shout out to the Town Centre Barbers, Trop Belle and Dave Doherty Insurances who are under it and still working away.

On the question of Dave's place, is he the longest established business on the street I wonder?


I DID a piece recently on comedian Dave Allen who had his own association with the area, spending time in the Drogheda Argus newspaper and Butlin's Mosney.

The Argus was based where Burke's restaurant is on Peter Street. I wonder what about a plaque going up in the place, dedicated to the great man and his life and times in Drogheda.


PASSING by Magdalene Tower last week, it was great to see one of the spotlights working, but having the other one operational would be even more wonderful.

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