Sunday 16 June 2019

Beamore Cross needs roundabout - simple

Hubert Murphy - The Diary

Some tragic incidents around Beamore Cross in recent years have resulted in certain actions, mainly low cost, to help with road safety.

But a time has to come when a road planner from the council comes out and gives a defining judgement - this junction just cannot continue as it is.

This road is a nightmare to drive on at times, especially on these dark evenings.

Right from the junction at Southgate, it's a busy stretch all the way to Duleek.

But the cross is the big issue.

Why can't a roundabout be developed at the location.

The road is wide enough - you soon realise that when you are turning right or left onto the main road and the lights of oncoming cars are hurrying at you !

I can only see this stretch getting busier and busier and leaving things as they are with a few adjustments from time to time is not the answer.

Of course, the Louth border is not that far away and seeing that it's an entry and exit into the town, Louth and Meath councils should collaborate on a solution.

Beamore Cross - and the fight for a proper plan - will not be going away.

Drogheda Independent