Wednesday 22 November 2017

Ardee's bottle bank set for move to the Ashwalk

Louth County Council's Area Engineer has reviewed a number of options regarding the location of a bottle bank facility in Ardee with a number of locations being considered.

One option though is to keep the facility at Ferdia Park, but to address concerns over its proximity to the junction of the estate access road with the public road. The Bring Bank could be relocated to the verge on the opposite side of the road and moved away from the junction. Owing to the ample verge space on this side of the road, additional receptacles could be installed to address the capacity issue. A cost of €6,000 has been earmarked for it.

A Bring Bank was previously removed from Ashwalk car park as a consequence of anti social behaviour in the form of vandalism and arson. In the event of reintroduction of this facility, existing car park spaces would need to be sacrificed, not only to free up space for the receptacles themselves but also to facilitate the turning manoeuvres of the collection lorry.

However, a second area exists at the rear of the car park, but works in the form of resurfacing and public lighting installation would be needed. It has been estimated at €22,000, but would also see up to 60 extra spaces created according to Cllr Jim Tenanty.

The private road, accessing the Lidl shopping centre car park was viewed as a possible site. There are three layout options, each with their own merits and weaknesses. The main fears are that there would be insufficient space to turn vehicles, leading to conflict at the access to the Lidl car park, particularly at busy periods.

The issue was discussed at last week's Ardee Municipal District meeting and it was agreed to support the initiative to move the bring bank from Ferdia Park to the Ashwalk.

Director of Services Joe McGuinness said a bottle bank was vital in Ardee but if the members wanted to develop the Ashwalk idea, the funding must come from the municipal council.

Cllr Jim Tenanty confirmed that he measured out 60 spaces that could be delivered on the site, along with the bins, and he felt it would also solve the issue of parking at the Fair Green.

Drogheda Independent

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