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What Matters Most... is to make the most of what matters

I was gently amused by a quote on Ariana Huffington's LinkedIn feed a few days back. It showed a cartoon of someone presenting to a boardroom team saying: 'I'm afraid the news isn't good. Word has it that consumers are starting to find out what actually matters'.

As we spend more time at home, slow down, are exposed to less advertising and are less distracted by busyness and materialism, we have time and space to reflect. Thinking about our own health and that of our loved ones, neighbors and the wider world also heightens focus on what is most important and how connected we all are.

As we simplify our lives, we see more clearly what we miss most and what we need and truly value. For many of us, what we identify as most important now has changed from three months ago and over the course of the crisis.

What matters most to us is key to our wellbeing. Wellbeing naturally happens when we are happy, healthy and comfortable within our own skin. Happiness is subjective and relative. Fleeting happiness is of the senses, but true happiness comes when we are in alignment within ourselves - when what we think, feel say and do are all moving in the same direction. It comes from helping others and being part of something bigger than ourselves. It comes when we are engaged in life and using our gifts and talents on a daily basis. It comes when we are spending our time doing things, or connecting with what matters most (including people, faith and our higher power).

We are all discovering the deeper and lighter side of what truly matters for ourselves and in our lives through COVID19 and everything else related that is happening.

One person I spoke with last week was delighted with how well colouring her own hair worked out. She is planning to continue. Others I know have realised that their hairdresser is worth every euro they earn and more as is proven by the full appointment books many have. Some are happy wearing tracksuits and leggings and others are eager to dress up again. Some like the variety.

A few people shared what has mattered most to them during the nine weeks and counting of lockdown.

'Finding positivity in everything and being grateful has helped me to cope and keep things in perspective. Health, family, close friends and neighbors are what is most important... People'. Patricia

'The great opportunity to tune into so many days of group meditation is what matters most to me'. Margaret

'In these days, I've realised, yet again, a very simple thing. What matters most is to make the most of what really matters. Family, your time, yourself. This situation we are all in has changed my priorities and I'm very grateful for that'. Joanna

'Health, family friends. Having meditation as a tool to stay grounded, grateful and appreciate the small things. Also to be working and to help is what matters most to me'. Geraldine

It is often the little things that are connected to the bigger things that seem to matter. Coffee with a loved one. A how are you from someone that cares. Making a difference. Certainty. Uncertainty. Growth. Love and Connection.

Here are some inspirational quotes on what matters most:

Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most. Buddha

One I like for its power and succinctness:

'What matters most is to focus on what matters most'. Roy Bennett

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