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'Wear the mask, stick to the rules and if you can’t, just stay home'



Justine O'Mahony

Justine O'Mahony

Justine O'Mahony

I know, I said I wouldn't mention the 'C Word' this week but to be perfectly frank, there IS nothing else to talk about.

I didn't have a party and invite a load of interesting people as I may have previously indicated because a) that would be breaching current restrictions and b) I don't know that many really interesting people.

So we're back to talking about Covid again! Sorry and all that. Feel free to turn the page.

I did however have a night out with my Book Club Buddies. When I say 'Book Club' I use the term loosely because to be honest we haven't read or discussed a book in about two years. But we did become friends through a book club which is why they're still referred to as my Book Club Buddies.

Also saying we had 'a night out' might be a bit of a stretch. We had an hour and forty five minutes, or two and a half hours, if you include the forty minutes we queued up outside the pub/restaurant to get in.

We met at 7.30 and were home before 10. I felt a bit like Cinderella going home in the taxi. Although at least she got to stay out till midnight.

And it was grand. It was lovely to catch up etc but I'm not quite sure if it was worth all the effort. I could've had a burger and chips and a couple of glasses of wine at home and it wouldn't have cost me anything.

There is also the issue of having to wear a mask whenever you leave the table to go to the loo, etc. I totally understand why but God it's a bit of a chore isn't it?

I do remember wondering at one point why I even bothered to put make up on. By the time I got home there was more on the inside of the mask than on my face.

So now new restrictions have been drafted to allow for the reopening of wet pubs with time limits only imposed if the pub in question cannot maintain a distance of 2 metres between tables. It seems like a positive step but can people be trusted to abide by the rules? We are back to personal responsibility again.

I may give out about it but I wear my mask, I adhere to the guidelines and I don't take the proverbial.

No I'm not happy about it but it has to be done. I know of places where there are no masks being worn by staff or customers, no time limits being enforced and no social distancing. I want to give these people a kick up the backside and tell them to stop being so selfish.

We are now being given a chance of a little bit of freedom so do the right thing. Wear the mask, stick to the guidelines and if you can't just stay home.

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