Monday 18 December 2017

Tidy Towns group revamps Rivervale

Rivervale Junior Litter Wardens Dunleer
Rivervale Junior Litter Wardens Dunleer

The Rivervale Tidy Towns association was reformed earlier this year and has accomplished great work in their estate in just a few months.

Under their chairperson Nola Pluck, they have a very active and vibrant committee.

They have a weekly clean-up in around the estate on Saturdays, with many of the residents joining the committee in making useful improvements in the estate.

They set about painting all unpainted walls around houses in the estate and organised to have the big green cut regularly so children could play there.

They also have arranged flower beds around each tree on the green and they have had the entrance stone repainted, and had graffiti removed from walls of the electric boxes.

Now, in recent weeks, they have included the children of the estate in litter collection once weekly throughout the estate.

They were very active last week throughout the estate and not a paper to be seen anywhere.

The Dunleer Tidy Towns are delighted with them.

Drogheda Independent

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