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Stone Mad turning trash into treasure


Jane Campion is Stone Mad about her wonderful designs!

Jane Campion is Stone Mad about her wonderful designs!

One of Jane Campion's creations

One of Jane Campion's creations


Jane Campion is Stone Mad about her wonderful designs!


It's true that one man's junk is another man's treasure and for one Clogherhead woman, what she has found discarded or washed up on her local beach has become a rich source of artistic inspiration.

Whilst taking a career break from the skies where she works for Aer Lingus, Jenny Campion has created the most beautiful artwork from not only stones, shells and pebbles, but also tin cans, glass, nuts and bolts, which are constantly washed up on her shores.

'I have never seen so many people enjoying the wonderful beaches we have in Co Louth, especially sea swimmers which is fantastic, but more people can have a downside, with more rubbish left behind,' says Jenny, who is married to Michael Dixon. 'I normally work in the airport but since having my baby George, who will be one next month, I took a career break, which coincided with lockdowns, and it gave me more time to get creative.'

And she certainly has been busy, making once-off creations from what she finds on the beach.

'Most people just walk over what I see as something which could make a picture,' she says with a laugh. 'It started with colourful sea glass, which is when glass becomes smooth from being weathered, and then people started asking me for personalised pieces for birthdays, anniversaries etc, and then it just really took off.'

In fact, Jenny now has a studio at the family home, which she shares with her artistic Dad Tony Campion, and she sells the art under the name Stone Mad.

'The recycled art is proving really popular, and I have even posted gifts out to Melbourne,' she says. 'There is such gratification in seeing something old and broken turn into something lovely that people will appreciate, and I have to say I am really enjoying spending time with dad too, who paints at the other end of the studio while I work.'

Jane mostly sells her art on social media and through Etsy, but it currently working on a website too.

'I have my Instagram and Facebook pages where people can see all my work, and I can answer questions and take orders there,' she says. 'I am making the most of the time I have before going back to work, but I look forward to having the best of both worlds.'

You can find Jenny on Instagram Stonemadj and Facebook StoneMad or email jcampion46@gmail.com.