Tuesday 19 March 2019

Robinson's message for Gorta

FORMER President Mary Robinson will deliver a video message to the Gorta conference on hunger in the Westcourt Hotel on Saturday.

'Making Hunger History – Local Heroes in faraway places' is the title of a special event organised by Gorta which takes place this Saturday, April 28, commencing 2 p.m. All are welcome – there is no charge or entry requirements.

' The aim of this afternoon event is to bring together those in the north-east who have projects under way in the developing world, and those who support them right across the community,' said Phil Conyngham, Chairperson of the Co. Louth Gorta Committee.

Speakers at the conference will include students from St. Joseph's Drogheda Grammar School.

Former President Robinson will reflect not only on An Gorta Mor of the 1840's but also on famine, drought and food shortages in developing countries today.

Immediately prior to the event, the Mayor, Kevin Callan will officially launch a programme of special events (including the conference) which lead up to Drogheda hosting the National Famine Commemoration on May 13, which An Taoiseach will attend.