Tuesday 21 May 2019

Review of the Year (November): Cable bridge gets the boot from Louth county crest


DROGHEDA Gaelic Football Club O'Raghallaigh's were so unhappy that the Boyne Cable Bridge appears in the County Louth GAA crest that they tabled a motion for convention calling for the symbol to be removed.

The North Road-based outfit argue, for a start, that the cable bridge is predominately in County Meath.

The motion was later discussed at the annual GAA convention and the Drogheda club got their way

Nearly four years ago a crest depicting the bridge and a St Brigid's Cross replaced the existing emblem of a St Brigid's Cross alone.

Explaining the reasons behind their motion, O'Raghallaigh's PRO Barney McKenna said: 'Basically, we looked at this during the year, and didn't think it fitted in with tradition.

'The bridge is 65% to 70% in Meath, and none of us could understand why it (the crest) was changed. If they wanted to put in a bridge they could have used the railway viaduct which was built by hand and has stood the test of time.'

Mr McKenna continued the cable bridge 'was not a sole County Louth bridge' and didn't fit in with the traditional emblem of the St Brigid's Cross for the whole of the county.

Mr McKenna said it wasn't the crest on the jerseys alone which caught their attention, rather it appearing on various pamphlets and documentation issuing from the County Board.

Local clubs were mixed on the motion at the time, with one club official stating that 'Louth legend' Charlie McAllister should make the call on it.

'I know some people are upset because it is in Meath but it's synonymous with Drogheda and. Drogheda is in Louth.

'I think the best thing to do is to ask Charlie McAllister. Charlie is one of the greatest Louth men that ever lived and I wouldn't want to insult him by saying they should change it,' stated Wolfe Tones Hurling Club secretary Niall Mac An Déanaigh.