Tuesday 21 November 2017

Property and water taxes will hit us hard

One of the class of 1993 photos – more can be seen at
One of the class of 1993 photos – more can be seen at

Dear Sir, Your most recent editorial on

the newly introduced property tax failed

to address some of the more important factors which explain why and how it is being introduced. You were right to criticise those Fine Gael TDs who are cynically attempting to use the property tax to create divisions between ordinary people in Dublin and those in the rest of the country. That, however, is not the real issue, at all. The property tax is about one

thing, and one thing only: austerity. It is

an attempt to gouge more money, money

vital to the survival of local economies, out of the pockets of ordinary people. It

is yet another attempt by the Irish Government to force ordinary people to pay for

the costs of the bank bailouts and NAMA. Regardless of where you live in

the country this tax will suck money out of the local economy, destroying jobs as it

does so. It will increase, enormously, the

hardship being endured by ordinary people. The Irish League of Credit Unions' ' What's Left?' reports consistently tell

us that over a million and a half people have a disposable income of less than €100

per month. The property tax, and the water tax proposed for 2014, will wipe even

that paltry amount out and will force hundreds of thousands into extreme hardship. All of this is unnecessary. There is sufficient wealth in this state which, if it were subject to a small wealth tax,

would go a long way towards alleviating the

fiscal burden that the state is under. Those self-same Fine Gael TDs trying to create

division and discord with their stance on the

property tax are, at the same time, fanatical opponents of a wealth tax or increases in income tax for higher earners. Our much-talked-about 12.5%

corporation tax rate, if it were applied at the headline rate or at even half the headline rate, would likewise bring in many multiples of the amounts targeted by the property tax. Some multi-national companies have

recently reported massive increases in their

Irish revenues and the profits on their

Irish business. So, the property tax is an austerity tax aimed at ordinary people. It must be opposed and defeated. The people of Drogheda can join the opposition to this tax by working with the nationwide Campaign Against Household and Water

Tax, which is promising a mass campaign of opposition to this tax and other austerity

taxes. Yours, Ciarán McKenna Chairman of the Drogheda Campaign Against Household and Water

Tax Facebook: Drogheda Campaign

Against Household and Water Taxes

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