Saturday 16 December 2017

Poultry in motion as hens get new life

If you ever fancied a bit of the good life and have thought about keeping chickens then Little Hill Animal Rescue and Sanctuary would like to hear from you.

If you would like to give a hen a new chance of life after a year coped up in a cage without seeing the light of day, then get in contact with the County Kildare based rescue who will be embarking on a 'hen run' to find homes for 7,000 battery hens which face the slaughterhouse.

The charity will be delivering the hens to the Lidl carpark at the M1Retail Park in Drogheda on Saturday, May 14th from 4.30pm to 4.45pm.

'These are year old hens who have never seen the sun, rain or grass,' says rescue founder Susan Anderson. 'For most battery hens, the only time they see outside is when they are being taken to the slaughterhouse.'

Since it started rescuing hens, LittleHill have found homes for over 36,000 hens, which otherwise would have been slaughtered.

She advises that people have a warm, draught-proof coop or dog kennel to lock the hens up in safely at night and a fenced run to keep out predators like foxes and dogs.

Anyone wishing to give a home to some hens should contact the LittleHill Animal Rescue and Sanctuary through their Facebook page where they will find details of how to book a hen (each with an adoption fee of €6) and how to care for them. 'These hens will need a bit of TLC at first but after a few weeks, they will be back laying.'

Drogheda Independent

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