Friday 20 April 2018

No excuse for Thatch to be left in poor condition

The Thatch pub in its glory days. Locals want to see it restored.
The Thatch pub in its glory days. Locals want to see it restored.

Dear Sir,

Having campaigned for years I am now making a special appeal for something to be done with the dreadful state of the old Thatch Pub, which has been derelict for five years on the Donore Road.

I am calling for it to be restored. It is an eyesore and deteriorating rapidly, with weeds and grass growing out of it. I am also concerned for people's safety walking past it as the Dublin bus stops here several times a day.

The Thatch is in the heart of Drogheda with hundreds of tourists passing the pub on their way to Newgrange, and local residents have been up in arms over the past few years hoping for something to be done.

I am urgently calling on the owners to have it re-thatched and restored in the interest of public safety. We are proud of the new thatched pub behind the old Thatch but it beggers belief why the Thatch pub issue hasn't been addressed before now. There is a preservation order on this pub, being over 100 years old, and if restored could be there for another hundred, as there are grants from the Heritage Council for re-thatching. There is no excuse for this building to be left in such a neglected state.


Cllr Frank Godfrey

Drogheda Independent