Friday 15 December 2017

Mighty sausage-maker John worked for Byrnes for 60 years

BACK 25 years ago, Drogheda's sausage-making supremo, John Quinn, although not a boastful man, threw out a challenge to his fellow townsfolk: 'Is there anyone who can beat my record of working 60 years with the same firm?'

At that time John had worked for 60 years with Michael Byrne, victualler, of West Street.

Day after day he made strings of 'bangers' for an appreciative clientele, many of whom looked upon his brand of sausages as the best in the town.

Almost one ton of sausages were made daily and were sold directly from the Byrne shop and through various other outlets which the firm supplied wholesale.

John could have retired years ago, but instead he chose to work five days a week, starting each morning at 8.30 a.m. when many a man, a lot younger, was having a lazy lie-in.

Times changed a lot since John, as a very young teenager, started work in 1924 for the late Michael Byrne. He took over the mantel of the firm's German-born sausage maker, John Huber .

John's father was former Harbour Board Constable, the late Ted Quinn, a man much respected in the Prospect Avenue area of the town.

John and his wife, Kathleen, lived in John Street. Their daughter, Carmel, taught in Fatima School. Eddie was with the Drogheda Corporation staff, John with Coca Cola, Frank with B-D and Martin, a Bachelor of science, a biochemist, working in Elm Park Hospital.

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