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Man bought a Welsh village

DID you hear the one about the Yellowbatter man who bought a Welsh village?

And it's no joke. Back in 1994 James Flanagan and his Englishborn wife Tina, acquired the little village of Cymdu in Dyfed from the National Trust.

The village had been virtually dead for 30 years but the National Trust invested hundreds of thousands in restoring it, converting old homes into accommodation, encouraging shops and pubs to open and basically turning it into a 'time capsule' of Welsh rural life.

Then they put it on the market and James took on the task.

His grandparents ran a pub in Trinity Street and his uncles Kevin and Benny and auntie Josie were big in the vintners trade around Drogheda (remember Benny Flanagan's/aka,The Mariner).

James was a former St Joe's boy, trained as a chef and even worked in Balmoral Castle for the Royal Family.

When he moved to Cymdu, he took over the pub that could hold just 15 people at a time. Now, 16 years later, I'd like to know what happened next?